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Godiva Beauty Bulletin November 2005 Issue 28



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“Hi! I have been a GODIVA product user since I became a customer of Godiva Skin Station. I have availed of its diamond peel, IPL, non-surgical face & neck lift. I love all the products that I’ve tried, but I loved most its diamond peel. After the first two treatments, I really saw its effect, moreso when my friends keep on commenting how I looked younger these days. My new pictures are also testimony to this. I look five to six years younger after the treatments, which in turn boosted my self-confidence — that made me radiant! I kept coming back to Godiva Skin Station in Makati Avenue religiously, even though I work in San Juan and live in Manila. I also use the GODIVA Sunblock Cream and its face powder with SPF 15 daily to complement the procedures. Try it for yourself, and feel the difference.”

Ms. Rosemarie Teng




Heeding the clamor of its customers, GODIVA Skin Station is bringing back its incredible Diamond Peel promo with more attractive features and freebies.

The Diamond Peel is down to P550 per session, from its regular price of P2,200, with no restriction in purchases. The Diamond Peel can also be combined with Godiva’s new Vitamin C ionotheraphy for only P750. And the popular combo of facial and Diamond Peel is also back, for only P1,000.

Customers can now also avail themselves of the Club G membership, and enjoy unlimited beauty rewards and free Godiva products with only a minimum purchase of P5,000. The Diamond Peel services can be combined with laser permanent hair removal, photorejuvenation, massage and body scrubs, all at drop-down prices. Club G members get automatic discounts from their purchases, and earn points with the Bring-A-Friend program.

An interest-free installment scheme for three months is also available for all Equitable and Banco de Oro credit cardholders for a minimum purchase of P3,000. This promo is available until November 30, 2005 only.

Godiva Beauty Bulletin October 2005 Issue 27

Godiva Beauty Bulletin10_27Service Bulletin: Get to Know Our Exclusive Treatments!

The War On Warts

Having warts is no laughing matter. While not exactly life-threatening, warts can be disfiguring, and gives off the impression that you couldn’t care less about the way you look.

Warts are caused by a viral infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV) in the top layer of skin or mucous membranes. Usually skin-colored and rough-textured, though some can be dark and smooth, warts affect only the epidermis – the top layer of the skin.

How To Avoid Getting Warts

Avoid direct wart skin contact with someone who is infected. This means that you have to make sure that your loved ones also undergo warts removal so as to prevent getting re-infected.

Avoid sharing towels, clothes, cosmetics, bed linens and other personal items.

Take precautions not to spread the virus to other parts of your body from picking or filing the wart.

After touching any of your warts, wash your hands thoroughly.

Keep your shoes on. The wart virus thrives in a very moist environment, so always wear plastic thong sandals around swimming pools, health clubs, and locker rooms to avoid foot contact with it.

Clean up. Sometimes, avoidance is as simple as washing down the shower with a product like Lysol or even household bleach; these work to kill viruses and bacteria.

Play it cool. People seem to be more susceptible to warts when they’re under stress and eating poorly. So try to take it easy.

At Godiva Skin Station, we offer a safe, painless, non-surgical way of removing warts using Electrocauterization (ECT).

First, a topical anesthesia is applied on the affected skin. After 30 minutes or so, a tool with a thin, needle-like hot tip is placed on the wart. The doctor then proceeds to “burn off” the affected area. Initially, the area around the wart may look like it is charred. Treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes. You will be asked to apply post-ECT cream for 3 days to speed up healing. After 3-5 days, your skin heals. It will appear scar- and wart-free.

The best time to have your warts removed is during long weekends. Take advantage of the coming holidays and schedule your warts removal NOW!

Stop by Godiva Skin Station today and say hello to smoother, wart-free skin!



Godiva Is Now with Globe Girlfriends!

All Globe subscribers can now enjoy the added benefit of a 10% discount off Godiva Skin Station products and services.

Simply sign up to be a Girlfriend by texting CLUB Complete name/complete address/birth month/birth day/birth year and sending this to 2209. Once registered, you can now enjoy a world of freebies, special invites to exclusive events and discounts from partner merchants such as Godiva Skin Station. It’s as easy as that!

So enroll now, and enter a world of beauty benefits the Godiva way!



The Makati Bel-Air branch will be closed on October 31 and November 1 in observance of All Saints’ Day.

Who Motivated You Today? 60 Minutes: Interviews With People Who Inspire

In the course of living the modern life, it is so easy to e caught up in the busyness of the rat race, of making a living, or simply making it to the next day, and the day after. It is all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, and have our humanity diminished by the routine we fall into.

It is the idea of having someone to look up, to be inspired to achieve a better version of one’s self that helped provide the germ behind the book 60 Minutes: Interviews with people who inspire.

Released under Anvil Publishing, “60 Minutes” began life as a Sunday column in the Manila Bulletin’s Students and Campuses section.

According to Ivy Lisa Mendoza in the book’s introduction, ” the operative words (were): inspiration, achiever, role model.” Working with her were co-writers Ronald S. Lim, Rachel Castro Barawid, Angelo G. Garcia, Ina H. Malipot, and Jaser A. Marasigan.

“As ’60 Minutes’ endeavors to feature Filipinos who can inspire and rouse the younger generation to be the best that they can be, we took it upon ourselves to present the journeys of the people who have done well in their respective fields, be it in government, business, media, the academe, the arts and sciences, and showbiz!”

The book tells the stories from a wide selection of extraordinary Filipinos. There’s tycoon John Gokongwei, Jr., whose advice include “Feet on the ground and dream. You have to build it brick by brick. Don’t just jump. Those who jump don’t last long.” National Artists Virgilio Almario and Bienvenido Lumbera discussed language and the function of education while sharing their observations on literature, while actress/chef Judy Ann Santos mused about new beginnings as she talked about her love for continuous learning, on juggling acting while studying, and the value of work and saving for the future.

Other personalities included in this volume are Dr. Josette Biyo, Boy Abunda, Fr. James Reuter, SJ, Cecilio K. Pedro, Rico Hizon, Rosa Rosal, Dolphy, President Benigno Aquino III, Efren Peñaflorida, Br. Armin Luistro and Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, SJ, former Mayor Alfredo Lim, and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Mendoza notes that “behind these personalities are great stories; from crazy mishaps to moments of great triumph and mini tell-alls!”

By reading these stories of fears, hopes, of dreams, defeats and triumphs, readers can hopefully pick up valuable life lessons within the pages of this book.

“60 Minutes” is available in National Bookstore, Bestsellers, and Powerbooks outlets nationwide.

***This article originally appeared in now defunct***